Signs you Need Transmission Repair

Common Signs You Need Transmission Repair Your transmission is a vital component in your vehicle and requires meticulous care and attention to ensure it lasts you for thousands of miles to come. However, many people are unaware that repairing a transmission can be quite costly, which is why it can be helpful to know when

Careers in Auto Repair

Passion to Profession: What does a career in auto repair look like? If you are like us at Auto Remedy, you can’t learn enough about cars: how they work, how they break down, and how they are improving with technology. With constantly updating features, vehicles require regular maintenance to keep all their systems running at

Common Check Engine Light Causes

Common Causes Why Your Check Engine Light Is On One of the most common and most feared problems car owners face is the issue of engine repair. Although the check engine light being on can sometimes signify a minor problem, it can also alert you to a much larger issue. Irrespective of why the engine

How to Change Transmission Fluid

Garage Insight: What Happens During Transmission Fluid Service Transmission fluid should be serviced roughly every 30,000 miles. Failure to change your transmission fluid could cause contaminants to build up in your transmission and cause damage, requiring costly repairs. If you aren’t sure when you last had your transmission fluid serviced, ask a trusted technician at

Are You Suffering From Poor Wheel Alignment?

What to Look Out For When it comes to the quality and comfort of your drives, proper wheel alignment plays an important role. Proper alignment allows the wheels of your vehicle to meet the road at a proper angle and helps them work with each other, instead of against. Think about wheel alignment as if