Brake Repair in Lavon, TX

Stay Safe With Strong Brakes

Today’s vehicles are equipped with a number of features designed to keep us safe. From rear-side cameras to motion sensing brakes, modern vehicles have made driving safer than ever. Despite all these fancy features, there’s still one old feature that has made driving safe for years -- the brakes. Designed to be quick and responsive, the brakes are responsible for slowing and stopping your vehicle and play an important role in keeping your drive safe. So when they do run into problems, you need a shop that quickly and efficiently take care of it.

At L&D Automotive, we’ll know how to properly care for your vehicle’s braking system. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and professionally trained service providers utilize the best tools and service techniques to ensure your vehicle’s brakes are always performing at their best. From pad replacements to rotor repairs, we’ll have every service your vehicle's brakes will need!

Do You Need a Brake Repair?

Although the best way to maintain strong brakes is to follow a consistent maintenance schedule, we understand that things can happen in-between visits. To ensure you're always aware of the brake's condition, you need to understand the signs of wear-and-tear. By knowing what to look for, you’ll be able to get ahead of any potential problems. Not sure what you should look for? Don't worry, as the L&D Automotive team is here for you. Here are three signs of brake failure that you should be aware of!

Squealing or Screeching

Although your brakes are still fine, we still recommend you visit us when you can as these sounds indicate that your brakes pads have reached their minimum level of thickness. If you let this issue persist, eventually the brake pads will completely wear out and there will be metal-on-metal contact between the calipers and the brake disc, which is not good!


If this sound occurs when using your brakes, the brake pads have completely worn out and your metal calipers are now “grinding” against the brake disc. Please visit our shop as soon as you hear this sound, as this can cause significant damage to your vehicle’s braking system. This damage can range from deep grooves in the brake disc to a completely warped rotor, both of which are very expensive to repair or replace!

Spongy Brakes

Spongy brakes are when you have to press further down on the brake pedal to activate the brakes. Designed to be tight and responsive, the brakes should respond to even the lightest of taps. This usually happens when air or moisture is trapped within the brake line. It’s best to have this issue fixed promptly, as the brake pedal will eventually reach the floor of your vehicle and you won’t be able to activate your brakes, a dangerous situation to be in!

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If your vehicle runs into brake problems, know that the team at L&D Automotive in Lavon, TX will be here for you. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and professionally trained service providers will utilize the best tools and service techniques to provide any brake repair service your vehicle may need. Give us a call at 972-843-3557 and book a visit with us today! In the area and have questions about our brake repair services? We have you covered! Visit our shop at 940 Highway 78 and see what our automotive professionals can do for you! All walk-ins are welcome!*

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