Careers in Auto Repair

Passion to Profession: What does a career in auto repair look like?

If you are like us at Auto Remedy, you can’t learn enough about cars: how they work, how they break down, and how they are improving with technology. With constantly updating features, vehicles require regular maintenance to keep all their systems running at peak performance and quality people to perform that maintenance. If you are passionate about cars, you can easily find a career in Auto Repair. There are two main careers available for people who want to turn this passion into a profession:

Auto Technician

The first job to come to mind in Auto Repair is a technician. Some technicians have early memories of holding wrenches before they can even see over the hood of a car. Other techs gain their knowledge and expertise from mechanical and engineering backgrounds. What they have in common is that they love working on vehicles. Their responsibilities range from performing preventative maintenance services to emergency repairs and collision work. They spend less time with customers and more time with the vehicles themselves.

Service Writer

This role involves more interaction with the customer, listening to their vehicle concerns, and making sure they understand the services being performed. Our customers often have less knowledge than our technicians, so the Service Writer makes sure the customer feels informed. The Service Writer also works with the technicians to develop maintenance schedules and repair plans to suit the customer’s needs.

Service Writer + Auto Technician

Both technicians and service writers have the responsibility of staying current with vehicle technology and developments. Luckily, their passion for vehicles makes this less of a chore and more of a hobby. By staying informed about a wide range of vehicles, maintenance techniques, and technology, a successful technician or service writer will be more effective at their job and communication with the customer.

At Auto Remedy, our team works closely with each other and the customer to ensure no one has any outstanding concerns. Our priority is to make sure we serve our Apex, North Carolina community to make it a safer place to live and drive. We hope that by setting an example for quality customer service, we can affect change in the Auto Repair industry at large. Come into our shop today to learn from our team of passionate auto repair professionals.

By on December 1st, 2020 in Auto Repair