Check Engine Light & Testing

Check Engine Light & TestingMost drivers have been in this situation. You are happily driving along, not a care in the world and you look down, only to notice that since you last glanced, your check engine light has come on. While (usually) nothing to swerve off the road and call a tow truck for, the check engine warning is your car’s way of telling you something is wrong. It could be any number of things, and really the only way to find and fix the problem is to drive it into the bays of an auto repair shop. In Lavon, TX, the only auto repair shop you should think of is L&D Automotive.

Check Engine Light in Lavon, TX

As we said above, the check engine warning light can mean any one of dozens of things has gone wrong with your car, and the check engine light is a “catch-all” indicator for letting you know there is a problem. Your engine, your ignition, your transmission, even your exhaust system could trigger the check engine warning, and without other signs presenting themselves, almost no one would be able to figure out the issue with the naked eye. That’s where the pros at L&D Automotive come in. If your car has a problem, we can find it and fix it fast.

Testing Diagnostics in Lavon, TX

If you bring your car to L&D Automotive with an activated check engine warning, what happens next? We perform computer testing, or diagnostics, on your vehicle with a state-of-the-art computer system. We hook the testing system up to your vehicle, which runs a complete computer scan of your entire vehicle and all its systems. This testing scan produces computer codes that indicate the relative health of the systems in your car. Our ASE-certified Master Technicians can analyze this data and quickly and easily pinpoint the exact problem with your vehicle that is causing your check engine light to activate. Our team will then discuss with you in plain English what repairs need to be done, and we will make sure you understand fully before we ever get started. Then we can get you fixed up and back on the road.

Check Engine Light Testing Near Me

Ignoring a check engine warning can be detrimental to the ongoing health of your car. Without being able to tell what’s wrong, how will you know how severe the damage is and how far you can go before getting it looked at? You can’t possibly know. That’s why your only solution to a check engine light is to bring your car to the pros at L&D Automotive. We will perform computer diagnostic testing on your car and get to the bottom of the problem fast. If your check engine light is on, make an appointment with Lavon, TX’s best computer testing shop, L&D Automotive.

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