Common Check Engine Light Causes

Common Causes Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

One of the most common and most feared problems car owners face is the issue of engine repair. Although the check engine light being on can sometimes signify a minor problem, it can also alert you to a much larger issue. Irrespective of why the engine light is on, this is something that should be inspected by a professional. If the check engine light in your car has turned on and you’re not sure what to do, come see us at L & D Automotive in Lavon, Texas, today to have us take a look.

Here are a few examples of engine problems that could be alerted to by your engine light.


Mass Air Flow Sensor

Cars work on the essential mixture of oxygen and gas, and the mass airflow detector regulates how much air comes to the engine of your vehicle and ensures that the combination is right. However, these sensors can often indicate a malfunction as the car is driven over time and need to be fixed. Luckily, your engine light will alert you to this, but it's essential that you promptly take care of the issue to avoid a loss of vehicle performance or expensive repairs.


Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter transforms toxic exhaust gases into less dangerous pollutants in your car, and it is an integral part of your exhaust system. Although this is a relatively common problem, it can be a costly fix if left uninspected for too long. If you think there's a problem with your vehicle’s catalytic converter, bring it to us at your next convenience to avoid more expensive repairs in the future.


Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor is responsible for determining exactly how much unburnt oxygen is in the car’s exhaust system and sends that data to the vehicle's computer to monitor the data. While your car can still be driven when the oxygen sensor fails, it is highly advised against doing so. Over time, leaving this problem unrepaired can trigger other issues within your vehicle, so it’s essential to have it inspected if your check engine light has suddenly come on.


Gas Cap

Lastly, one of the most common reasons why the check engine light illuminates is the car's gas cap. While it may not seem a worthy excuse for such a terrifying light, your gas cap helps prevent fuel from evaporating through the filler hose, costing you all the hard-earned money you just spent at the gas pump.


Professional Auto Repair in Lavon, Texas

At L & D Automotive, we aim to provide our customers with professionally certified auto repair services in Lavon, Texas. If your check engine light is on and you fear the worst, schedule an appointment with us today to have one of our mechanics inspect your vehicle.

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