EnginesThe engine in your car is without a doubt its most important component. Without your engine, your car wouldn’t be much or a car at all, would it? Responsible for powering nearly every single piece of your vehicle, your engine is the heart of your car, and keeping it in fantastic shape is something you should be very interested in doing. Are you thinking about your car’s engine while you drive around the streets of Lavon, TX? Unless there is a problem with it, most likely not. But here at L&D Automotive, engines are top-of-mind at all times. Our ASE-certified Master Technicians are engine service and repair pros, and if your engine is acting up, we’d be happy to take a look, help with repairs and get you back on those Texas roads.

Engine Service in Lavon, TX

Your car’s engine is both a wildly powerful and extremely delicate machine. But how do you know when it is in need of service? Don’t wait for engine problems to become part of your life; check out your car’s owner’s manual. At the very back of the manual, you’ll find a list of recommended mileages for different types of suggested services. Even if you don’t have or feel like checking out your owner’s manual, the techs at L&D Automotive can work with you to set up a painless engine service routine that is convenient to your schedule. Your car may not need engine service as much as, say, regular oil changes, but keeping up with all preventative maintenance is important for the life of the vehicle.

Engine Repair & Engines in Lavon, TX

If you are in need of engine repair, chances are your car is trying to make you aware of that fact. If you hear knocking noises, smell a strange smell, notice black exhaust or your check engine light is on or flashing, your car is most likely in need of engine repair. And at L&D Automotive, our engine repair techs have got you covered. No matter what your flagging engine might need, we can get it fixed in our state-of-the-art facility. Don’t let engine repairs go too long; these types of problems tend to become worse – and more expensive – over time.

Engines Near Me

If your car’s engine in need of some TLC, don’t hesitate to bring it to Lavon, TX’s engine repair experts at L&D Automotive. From routine scheduled service to more serious engine repair, our ASE-certified Master Techs have seen it all before. And we back up all our work with a 3 year/36k mile nationwide warranty. You might not think much about your engine day-to-day, but at L&D Automotive, we’ll think about it for you. Make an appointment today.

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