How to Change Transmission Fluid

Garage Insight: What Happens During Transmission Fluid Service

Transmission fluid should be serviced roughly every 30,000 miles. Failure to change your transmission fluid could cause contaminants to build up in your transmission and cause damage, requiring costly repairs. If you aren’t sure when you last had your transmission fluid serviced, ask a trusted technician at L & D Automotive in Lavon, Texas. Discover the benefits of choosing a professional auto repair shop for this essential service today!

What Does Transmission Fluid Do?

So what does transmission fluid do in your car? Just like your other vital fluids, transmission fluid cleans, and lubricates all the moving parts in your transmission. Properly lubricated transmissions easily change gears and allow your vehicle to power down the road. While your transmission has a filter, it can become clogged over time and cause contaminants to build up in your fluid.

Signs of Low or Contaminated Transmission Fluid

Grinding gears, burnt-smelling transmission fluid, and noisy transmission operation are all signs that you need new transmission fluid. Failure to promptly change your fluid and replace your filter can result in extensive transmission damage, so don’t wait to ask a professional to check your transmission fluid. Our team in Lavon, Texas, offers comprehensive drivetrain services!

Changing your own transmission fluid is a difficult task. Unlike engine oil, your transmission fluid is in a sealed pan, typically with no drain plug. You’ll need to replace the O-ring seal and filter and ensure the transmission is properly rebuilt. Improper installation can damage your transmission and leave you stranded with a costly transmission repair bill. That's why it's best to have professional help with this service.

Professional Transmission Repair Services

For hassle-free transmission fluid service and other expert repairs near you, contact L & D Automotive! We are the area's leader in quality services, cost-effective repairs, and friendly customer service. Whether you need an inspection or new transmission fluid, our certified technicians will ensure your transmission is serviced, repaired, and rebuilt properly. We help you drive confidently on your daily commute or enjoy peace of mind on your next road trip.

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