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Steering & SuspensionYour car’s steering & suspension may not be the two most glamorous systems in your car, but they are completely responsible for the smoothness of your car’s ride. Working together, the steering & suspension make driving your car not only possible but oftentimes pleasurable as well, provided they are well-maintained. Everyday driving can put some serious strain on your steering & suspension systems, but that’s what the experienced ASE-certified Master Technicians at L&D Automotive are here for. Whether you need a quick check or steering or suspension repair, in Lavon, TX, L&D Automotive is here to keep your ride smooth.

Steering & Suspension Service in Lavon, TX

At L&D Automotive, we all but guarantee that you don’t give much thought to your steering or suspension on a day-to-day basis. That’s more than OK, as these systems don’t really need serious service until your car hits the 50,000-mile mark. We do, however, recommend that you have your suspension serviced every 12,000 miles. We suggest this check as part of a yearly auto maintenance check-up, during which we take the time to check the suspension’s sway bar. The bolts in the sway bar can break down over time, and this check is to make sure they are in good health before damage occurs. Since that damage can be expensive, a yearly spot check is highly recommended.

Steering & Suspension Repair in Lavon, TX

More than most automobile issues, these problems are not easily ignored. Driving a car with steering or suspension problems is going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible. The most noticeable of these problems is a bumpy ride, like driving down a gravel driveway when you are actually on a paved road. The steering wheel may move on its own, or the front of the car might “nose dive” or point downward. If you are seeing any of these problems with your vehicle, it is time to contact the experts, L&D Automotive immediately.

Suspension Repair Near Me

While it might not need service all that often, these systems are still very important to the drivability of the car. And problems with these systems are almost assuredly going to leave you stranded by the side of the road. If you’ve neglected to have them serviced and now you’ve got issues, it’s time to give the pros at L&D Automotive a call. Make an appointment with us today!

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