TransmissionsLet’s say someone asked you which part of your car is the most complex. What would you say? Most people know enough about their cars to say, “transmission.” Transmissions are the piece of your car’s engine that is responsible for changing gears while you speed up and slow down your vehicle. It is also extremely complex, with over 800 individual pieces making it up. So with a system so complex, you wouldn’t want to trust its service and repair to just any old auto shop. Instead, bring it to the ASE-certified Master Technicians and transmission experts at L&D Automotive in Lavon, TX.

Transmissions & Transmission Service in Lavon, TX

Though today’s vehicles aren’t usually recommended for transmission service until they hit the 60,000-mile mark, if your car is nearing that milestone, you’ll want to make it your business to get it in for service. Transmission service or a transmission flush, where we completely remove the transmission fluid and replace it with a fresh batch, can both far extend the life of your car’s transmission, and that is something you should be very interested in as a vehicle owner. When it’s time for transmission service, make sure you get your car into L&D Automotive.

Transmission Repair in Lavon, TX

If your car is in need of transmission repair, you most likely already know it. It’s impossible not to notice the signs – slipped gears, trouble going from park to drive, weird smells, or even a check engine light – all these are the telltale signs of the need for transmission repair. And frankly, most auto shops aren’t capable of major transmission rebuilds and repairs. The only auto shop in Lavon, TX qualified to handle these extensive, complicated and extremely delicate repairs is L&D Automotive. If you’ve noticed the signs that you need transmission repair, don’t procrastinate; transmission repairs can be expensive, and ignoring the issue will only make it worse and more costly. Without your transmission, manual or automatic, your car is going nowhere. So before that happens, get it in front of the ASE-certified Master Technicians at L&D Automotive.

Transmissions & Transmission Repair Near Me

When you need transmission service, it is important to make that appointment in a timely manner like you would an oil change. If your transmission is giving you trouble, that is a serious situation in need of immediate attention, especially if you want to avoid some of the most costly repairs around. And as we mentioned above, very few auto repair shops are set up for extensive transmission work like rebuilds, flushes, and replacements. That’s not the case with L&D Automotive. Anything a transmission, manual or automatic, needs, we can do it right here, in-house. And our ASE-certified Master Technicians are more than qualified to get you back on the road, shifting gears like crazy. In Lavon, TX, there is only one name in transmission service and repair – L&D Automotive.

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